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A creepy cutsie art with a crude attitude. Formally based around Austin, Texas. Currently residing in Seattle, Washington. short animations, street art, stickers, tee's, masks, dollar art, mail art, paintings, graphic design, flyers, murals, illustrations, and more...


Also, working on my new band...



(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ✡★☆ ★☆✡★☆ ★☆

Ch-yeah!!! feels the power...

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Oh! Pears - Haunted Love (Patrick Ellis Remix feat. Attia Taylor) Look up the original video on YouTube. Oh! Pears - Under the Oliver Trees. You can find the remix track on our bandcamp page, as well. 👏🌳🙌☁️

Here is me sharing a music video I filmed, animated, and directed. It is on rotation on MTV Spain and Portugal. I want it to get some momentum here in the states and other countries too. It should be nice to share with some friends. I hope you enjoy!